The farmer in us – planting seeds

The garden center was busy building the seed racks and unpacking thousands of small packets of seeds.  I wondered what all the fuss was about.  I asked Brian J. Wheat, CEO and CSU Master Gardener – “Why plant seeds?”

Brian says there are many reasons to start a garden from seed:

  • The joy of watching something grow.
  • People like to know what has come in contact with their fresh vegetables.
  • The variety. The garden center will carry starts of many plants, but can’t carry every plant.  So, gardeners rely on seeds to get them their favorites.
  • This project can be done at your own pace. Start early indoors or wait for warmer weather – the choice is yours.
  • It’s economical to grow from seed. It takes a time commitment, but if you are fascinated with watching something grow, it is extremely rewarding to eat a carrot straight from the backyard.

What should you look for when purchasing seeds:

  • If “organic” is important to you, make sure it says “USDA Organic.”
  • Non-GMO means the seed is untreated and is in its purest form
  • Pay attention to zone – we are in zone 5
  • Watch for the space needed, when it will sprout and when it will mature. Do you have enough time?
  • At Lafayette Florist, we carry Lake Valley Seeds (Boulder), Botanical Interests (Broomfield) and wildflowers from Beauty Beyond Belief. These are local seed companies that assure quality.

Another important factor is that some seeds need to be started indoors first.  These need a good start before planting outdoors, like tomatoes and herbs.  Other seeds, like corn and beans can be directly sown into prepared soil.

It’s time to find the “farmer in us” and get gardening.  Stop by for more information.

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