Textured Indoor Plants

I just purchased a new home and wanted to add interesting touches, so I was scouring home décor magazines.  I wanted something other than candlesticks, books and empty vases that seemed to be the most popular choices.  I wanted to bring life to my surroundings.

Luckily, I work at Lafayette Florist.  However, I work in the office, so I sometimes miss the “fun” part of the store.  My first inclination was to visit Tanner, the Garden Center manager.  “What’s new?  And different?”  I didn’t want the basic philodendron that adorned the doctors’ waiting room office.

Tanner told me that indoor plants add year-round interest inside the home.  He said the trendiest plants he’s seeing have interesting shapes, leaf structures and texture.  Tanner pointed out plants with patterned foliage, subtle colors and geometric growing patterns.

Plants purify the air and improve your home environment.  They add life.  The investment is minimal and it’s easy to change out.  Thanks Tanner, I love having these added green features in my home.

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