Favorite Shrubs

Like trees, shrubs are woody plants. In general, shrubs have more than one stem or trunk and are smaller than 15' when mature. Shrubs can compliment the base of trees, be used as a natural barrier or group them together to paint a portrait of texture and color.

Small Shrubs - Most grow as wide as they do tall, and flower sometime during the growing season. Useful as foundation plantings, small hedges or as specimen plants in smaller gardens.

Barberry - Low growing with wine-red leaves throughout the growing season. Height 18" - 24", spread 2' - 3'. Thorny.
Cotoneaster - Shiny ornamental foliage on this low growing shrub. Small white flowers, followed by bright red fruit. Height 1' - 3', spread 4' - 6'.
Potentilla / Cinquefoil - Popular, hardy shrub that blooms all summer. Flowers range from pure white, orange-red to bright yellow. Height 2' - 4', spread 2' - 4'.
Spirea - Compact shrub with clusters of small ornamental flowers. Some show great fall color, many varieties to choose from. Height 2' - 4', spread 2' - 4'.
Other Suggestions: Alpine current, hydrangea, Russian sage, Blue Mist spirea, Coralberry/Snowberry, Lodense Privet.

Medium size Shrubs - Ranging from 4' - 6', medium shrubs can be used as hedges, screens, noise barriers, in mass plantings or in focal points. Many provide flower color and attractive fruit while other's provide colorful fall foliage and texture.

Burning Bush (Dwarf) - Light green foliage turns scarlet in fall, rigid green stems give interest in the winter. Height 4' - 6', spread 3' - 4'.
Lilac (Dwarf) - Numerous clusters of fragrant lavender to blue flowers, dark green foliage with wavy margins. Height 4' - 6', spread 4' - 6'.
Golden Vicary Privet - Bright golden foliage that holds late into fall and winter. Fragrant white flowers followed by vibrant purple berries. Height 4' - 6', spread 4' - 6'.
Butterfly Bush - Spikes of flowers from mid to late summer in various colors. large gray-green leaves with silvery undersides. Often dies back in winter. Attracts butterflies. Height 4' - 6', spread 3' - 4'.
Other Suggestions: Pink flowering almond, Chokeberry, Quince, Rabbitbrush, Viburnum, Sand Cherry, Artic Willow, Spirea, Rose bushes.

Large Shrubs - Some can grow up to 20' tall. Seasonal interest is provides by flowers, fruit and fall color. Can be used for wildlife cover, hedges, screening, wind and sun barriers, in mass plantings or as specimen plants.

Dogwood - Clusters of small white flowers, followed by white fruit that turns blue. Purple, red fall color with vibrant winter interest twigs. Height 6' - 8', spread 6' - 8'.
Forsythia - Yellow flowers cover the stems in spring, before the leaves emerge. Arching, vase shaped growth habit. Height 6' - 8', spread 6' - 8'.
Viburnum - Versatile group of plants that tolerate sun or shade and most soil conditions. Clusters of creamy white flowers in spring are followed by yellow-black fruit. They have a variety of leaf shapes and textures. Fall colors range from orange-red to purple-red. Height 8' - 15', spread 8' - 15'.
Lilac - Tough plants, loved for their fragrant spring blooms and deep green foliage. Make excellent hedges, screens or group plantings. Drought tolerant. Height 8' - 12', spread 8' - 12'.
Other Suggestions: buckthorn, Chokecherry, Elder, Mock Orange, Serviceberry, Sumac, Pussywillow and Smoke Bush.

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