Favorite Perennial

Perennials come back year after year. Their blooming habit is much shorter than annuals, because they must store energy for a repeat performance next year. Careful planning of your perennial beds will give you continuous color for multiple seasons.
  • Spring blooming perennials: Basket of Gold alyssum, bleeding hearts, candytuft, coral bells, creeping phlox, flax, iris, rockcress.
  • Summer blooming perennials: Penstemon, shasta daisy, coreopsis, bachelor button, lupine, delphiniums, peonies, poppies, yarrow, hollyhock, daylily, coneflower, columbine (our state flower), foxglove.
  • Fall blooming perennials: Sedum's, red hot poker, hardy mums, asters, cardinal flower.
  • Grass perennials: Pampas grass, Miscanthus "Maiden Grass", Blue Fescue.
  • Japanese Blood Grass - low growing, brilliant burgundy colored grass, full sun.
  • "Magnus" purple coneflower - daisy type flowers, blooms summer early fall, full-sun, excellent long lasting cut flower.
  • "Starburst" ice plant - bright pink flowers with eye-catching white centers, groundcover, blooms June though fall, full-sun.
  • Purple Mountain Sun Daisy "Osteospermum" - bright purple daisies, blooms late April to mid-summer, full-sun to partial shade.
  • Colorado Gold Hardy Gazania - 3" shiny yellow flowers, cold hardy, 3" tall, full-sun to partial shade.

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