Birthday Flowers & Stones

Remember birthdays with a special floral arrangement!

Flower is Carnation / Snowdrop ~ Birthstone is Garnet
Carnation has varied meanings including refusal, impulsiveness and fascination.

Flower is Violet /Primrose ~ Birthstone is Amethyst
The delicate violet stands for modesty or faithfulness.

Flower is Jonquil / Daffodil ~ Birthstone is Aquamarine
This spring flower is a symbol for desire, affection and affection returned.

Flower is Sweet Pea / Daisy ~ Birthstone is Diamond
Traditionally, sweet pea stands for departure, blissful pleasure and thanks for a lovely time.

Flower is Lily of the Valley / Hawthorn ~Birthstone is Emerald
This gragrant flower symbolizes sweetness, purity and return of happiness.

Flower is Rose / Honeysuckle ~ Birthstone is Pearl
The meaning varies by color: red for love, yellow for joy and friendship, white for purity and pink for grace and thankfulness.

Flower is Larkspur / Water Lily ~ Birthstone is Ruby
Larkspur is a favorite summer flower meaning lightness and levity.

Flower is Gladiola / Poppy ~ Birthstone is Peridot
This majestic bloom stands for preparedness and strength of character

Flower is Aster / Morning Glory ~ Birthstone is Sapphire
With their varied colors and forms, asters symbolize love of variety, elegance and memories.

Flower is Calendula / Cosmos ~ Birthstone is Opal
This flower traditionally stands for sorrow

Flower is Chrysanthemum ~ Birthstone is Citrine
This flower stands for cheerfulness, optimism and truth.

Flower is Narcissus / Holly ~ Birthstone is Blue Topaz
This flower of varied forms stands for conceit, self-love and egotis

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