Enjoying The Flower Journey

As my wife and I traveled the highways and byways of the American Southwest during our summer vacation, one thing became apparent: The variety of flowers and plants are as diverse as the changing landscape. The trek took us from Erie, Colo., to Moab, Utah, then on to the Grand Canyon, Arizona, over to Mesa Verde and through Durango, Colo. Roughly a 1,650-mile, five-day journey to explore the great national wonders of America the beautiful

As avid “flower watchers,” we are always on the lookout for amazing blooms, flowers, trees, shrubs and anything flora. We were not disappointed. Flowers complement every scene, around every corner, up every mountain, down every canyon, their presence complete the picture. Mother Nature sure had a good time painting them into every nook and cranny throughout our journey.

The flowers and plants growing in and around Moab, the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, give a stark contrast to the backdrop of red and copper colored soils and rock formations, slick rocks, sand and boulders that look like they are from another planet, supporting plants that must survive temperatures over 100 degrees, arid environment, blistering sun and harsh weather conditions.

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