Favorite Trees

When thoughtfully planted, trees will shade your home in Summer. In Winter, the sun will penetrate them and warm your home naturally. Some will provide Spring blooms and color in the Fall. Trees will provide esthetics and value to your home.

Ornamental Trees - Generally speaking, ornamental trees are smaller than shade trees. They add variety and interest to the landscape by providing Spring flowers, attractive fruit and various fall colors. These trees work well in small spaces.

  • Crabapple - Among the most popular ornamentals, noted for their beautiful spring flowers, ornamental fruit and fall foliage. There are numerous varieties available. Height 15' - 20', spread 15' - 20'.
  • Pear- White spring flowers, shiny green foliage which changes from red to purple in the fall. Height 20' - 30', spread 15' - 20'.
  • Aspen (Quaking) - Native tree with light bark and golden yellow to orange fall color. Prefers rich , moist soils. Height 30' - 40', spread 12' - 15'.

Other suggestions: Birch, Chokecherry, Hawthorn, Oak, Russian Olive, Plum, Redbud.

Shade Trees - These trees help provide a frame of nature that will enhance the look of your home. While growing faster and larger than other types of trees, shade trees must be thoughtfully placed in the landscape. Many of these giants will provide you with beautiful Fall color.

  • Ash - Tall, upright tree with rounded growth habit. Many species available, with colors ranging from maroon to golden fall color. Height 40' - 60', spread 20' - 40'.
  • Maple - Tall, straight trunked trees with well-shaped crowns, some providing summer or fall color. Height 40' - 60', spread 30' - 50'.
  • Honeylocust - Symmetrical tree with spreading branches and green fern-like foliage. Creates filtered shade. Height 35' - 40', spread 30' - 50'.

Other suggestions: Linden, Cottonwood, Willow, Poplar.

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