Prom Trend 2019

It’s finally here – the most memorable event of your high school career, PROM!  You’ve gotten your date, your attire and now it’s time for the iconic prom accessory – the flowers.

I spoke to Jordan Davis, Lafayette Florists’ bridal consultant and Marketing / Sales coordinator on this year’s prom trends.  Jordan says she is seeing rich colors, like dark navy, deep reds, velvety burgundy and opulent purple.  She suggests using “contrasting flowers with a lighter, more vibrant tone to enhance the dark colors.”  A perfect example would be “living coral”, the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year.  This shade of pink with orange mixed in and a golden undertone contrasts beautifully with dark colors like navy or burgundy.

Another popular trend is the use of succulents.  This texture gives off soft green / grey tones with underlying purple tints and works with all floral colors.  The most durable blooms include miniature roses and tropical dendrobium orchids.  Customize your flowers by choosing matching or contrasting shades, use tipping to create two-tone looks and compliment with fun ribbons.

The most popular are wrist corsages with a variety of bracelets.  Thinking outside the norm, pin-on corsages at the waist or on your clutch handbag.  Flowers add drama in your hair.  Be unique!

Visit your local professional florist and let them help you customize flowers for your special Prom memory.

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