Fall Garden Mums. Fall mums give your landscape a showy burst of color from mid to late autumn. Plant mums in full sun and in soil that has been amended with organic material.

Fall Asters. Asters produce masses of late season color from August to October. Very hardy in Colorado, colorful Asters should be planted in full sun in well-drained garden soil.

Plant Spring Bulbs. Now is the perfect time to plant your tulip, daffodil, crocus and other Fall planted, Spring blooming bulbs. You can't wait until Spring to plant these bulbs, they need 8 - 1a0 weeks of cooling before blooming takes place. Plant bulbs 3 times the height of the bulb, in full sun, well-drained location. Add bone meal or bulb food at planting and cover well with bark mulch. Water in thoroughly now and during Winter drought. Then wait for your rainbow of Spring color!

Winter Hardy Pansies. Plant Winter hardy pansies over top of your tulip and daffodil bulbs. Pansies enjoy cool weather and can be caught blooming during Winter months. "Winter Water" pansies means water your pansies and other plants when winter temperatures warm up and no moisture has been produced. Pansies blooming at the feet of tulips and daffodils create a spectacular Spring time show!

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