Enjoy the beautiful Fall color of Colorado. This is a great time to take note of the plants that create dazzling Fall color. Watch for Burning Bush (red-scarlet), Amur Maples (red), Aspen (gold), Viburnum (red-yellows), and Sumacs (shades of red & yellow). Many grasses, such as Pampas and Maiden grass are also very showy during the Fall. Look for shrubs, including Pyracantha and Chokecherry, which act as "natural" bird feeders for our feathered friends during the Winter. Plant a smorgasbord!

Apply Fertilome Winterizer Now! Fall fertilization helps you obtain a beautiful, healthy Spring lawn. Slow release nitrogen will be unlocked for next Spring's growth. Keeping a lawn healthy, year-round, reduces weed, insect and disease problems. Apply now and water in thoroughly.

Apply Warp's Rose Collars to protect the graft union on rose bushes. Fill the collar with bark mulch and water roses in the Winter, when temperatures rise above 50 degrees Fahrenheit for more than a few days without moisture. Wait to prune roses until Spring. All fallen leaves should be cleaned up and discarded to prevent any diseases and insects from overwintering.

Time to Tree Wrap. Use Clark's Tree Wrap to keep your investment from Winter injury. Wrap the trunks of young trees (4" caliber or less) from ground to 4 ft. Tree wrap is used to protect the mark from sun-scald. During the Winter, the reflection of the bright sun off of the snow will cause damage to young trees. Winter watering (watering when temperatures get above 50 degrees Fahrenheit for several days, with no snow or moisture) will also promote healthy trees and shrubs.

It's time to start forcing indoor bulbs. Begin chilling tulips, hyacinths and daffodil bulbs for indoor blooming. For best Winter bloom, plant bulbs in a shallow dish using Fertilome Potting Mix. Keep the soil moist. Do not store fruit with bulbs, because ethylene gases from fruit will cause the bulbs to rot. Depending on the variety, start enjoying blooms between Christmas and January. Paperwhites do not need to be cooled, just plant 4 weeks before you want blooms. For Thanksgiving, start paperwhites now!

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