Need a fast and effective weed and grass killer? Use Killzall, kills roots and all in 1 - 4 days. Easy to use, safe and very effective. Available in ready to use or concentrate.

Got Dandelions? Keep the dandelions out of your lawn with Fertilome Weed-Out. Kills dandelions, clover, chickweed and over 35 other broadleaf weeds without harming your lawn. Available in an easy to use spray bottle.

Lawn Tips:

  • Keep lawn mowed at 2", taller grass withstands drought better and develops a deeper root system.
  • Water in the early morning for highest water pressure, minimum wind and a cool, more absorbent soil.
  • Sharpen mower once a month. Dull blades leave dry, jagged edges increasing chance for fungus.
  • Lawns require 4 feedings of fertilizer a year. We recommend Fertilome's Lawn Care Program for best results.

Use Bark Mulch as a top dressing for your garden beds. Bark mulch keeps soils cool and moist. Mulch also helps reduce weed germination and adds beauty to the base of your garden beds. Don't forget this important step in gardening.

Black Plastic vs. Weed Barrier. To ensure healthy root development Of plants, use DeWitt Weed Barrier (landscape fabric) instead of black plastic. DeWitt Weed Barrier allows air and water to penetrate fabric while eliminating weed growth. Black plastic suffocates plant roots as well as adds to soil compacting. Switch to Weed Barrier!

Reduce the amount of grass clippings you dispose of.
  • Grass clippings left on the lawn can be beneficial. Nitrogen from the clippings is easily absorbed into the lawn to promote greening.
  • Use Natural Guard Grass Clippings Decomposter to promote the decomposition of grass clippings in your lawn.

Green up your lawn and help reduce our landfills!
Recycle those grass clippings.

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