Use bark mulch as a top dressing for your garden beds. Bark mulch keeps soils cool and moist. Mulch also helps reduce weed germination and adds beauty to your garden beds.

Reduce the amount of grass clippings you dispose of. Grass clippings left on the lawn can be beneficial. Nitrogen from the clippings is easily absorbed to promote greening. Use Natural Guard Grass Clippings Decomposter to encourage decomposition of grass clippings in the lawn. Help reduce our landfills by recycling your grass clippings.

Grasshoppers making you jumpy? Use Nolo Bait, a biological insecticide to control 58 species of grasshoppers, locust and crickets. Nolo Bait is safe to use, apply by hand in the early morning when hoppers are actively feeding and are a quarter inch to a half inch long. Nolo Bait is not harmful to humans, livestock, birds, game animals or other insects.

Insects driving you buggy? For chewing insects, use Fertilome Sevin or Diazanon. For sucking insects, use Natural Guard Organic Rotenone/Pyrethrum or Fertilome Mal-a-cide for control. Bring in your insect or plant disease problems to our experts. Samples must be sealed in a plastic bag, and we'll do our best to diagnose and recommend solutions.

Fertilize your lawn. We recommend Fertilome Lawn Food plus Iron to boost your lawn during late summer. Purchase any lawn food from us and borrow our spreader for FREE!

Keep you annuals blooming profusely. Feed your annuals with Fertilome Blooming and Rooting plant food. Also, dead head spent blooms to encourage reflowering.

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