Tulips, crocus and daffodils are starting to sprout. Due to the early moisture and warm, sunny days, your Spring bulbs may be starting to sprout. West and South exposures encourage early emergence. These areas may dry out quickly and should be kept watered. Watering cools the soil and slows the bulb down. A mulch of bark chips (no more than 1-2 inches deep) will help cool the soil and retain moisture. Don't worry, this early growth won't kill the bulbs. They will still bloom for Spring.

It's time to Winter Water Sun-exposed turf areas, young trees and shrubs, evergreens, poplars and cottonwoods can benefit from watering when the ground is not frozen. Also, sensitive shrubs, such as dwarf Alberta spruce, rhodedendrons, holly, euonymus and roses, suffer from dehydration. To reduce water stress, make sure the soil has enough moisture and use a mulch. Deep watering on a sunny day will help prevent damage.

Long winter days. Winter days seem to last forever and for many gardeners the itch to dig into soil is becoming unbearable. Now is the time to start planning the landscape. Don't know where to start? Stop in and see our Garden Center Experts. Our knowledgeable staff can help answer your landscape questions and help you plan a garden suited to your lifestyle. We also carry a large selection of gardening books. This year's seed selections are in from Lake Valley and Botanical Interests, local resources that know what grows successfully in our area. Or for the adventurous, try seeds from England or Seeds of Change heirloom varieties. Don't let the winter blues get you down, hurry in!

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