Thinking about a "live" Christmas tree? We have a good selection of container grown Fat Albert Blue Spruces and Alberta Spruces to use as Christmas trees. Leave the tree outside until 3 days before Christmas. Then bring it in and decorate. The day after Christmas, take the tree outside until the ground thaws then plant it in your landscape. Don't forget to water it when temperatures go above 50 Fahrenheit. Try decorating your tree with fresh cranberries, fruit and popcorn garland. Leave it decorated after you put it outside and let the wildlife enjoy!

Want to try something different in a blooming houseplant? Christmas cactus will brighten a corner of a room with their dramatic blossoms and will often bloom again next spring. Or, experiment with azaleas, begonias, cyclamen and Amaryllis. These colorful and easy growing houseplants can cheer you up on even the dullest of winter days. For a small space, try African violets. These petite bloomers will keep producing dainty blooms, even after the holidays.

Stumped? Confused? Baffled? How about a gift certificate from Lafayette Florist. Any gardening aficionado would love to get a gift certificate from this National Award Winning Garden Center. The certificate is good all year, so they can pick up their favorite bedding plants next Spring. Or, try one of our gift wrapped vases with a gift certificate attached. Who wouldn't love to pick out flowers to put into their new vase? Stop by, we can help you out!

Poinsettia care after the holidays. To keep blooms from fading, keep poinsettias in a cool area (65 - 70 F). Allow the plant to dry out between watering, and don't let the plant sit in a saucer full of water. Removing any foil wrap on the pot will help allow the soil to dry faster. Poinsettias enjoy bright light, but not direct sun and keep away from drafts. With proper care, you can enjoy poinsettia blooms into March and April.

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