Fertilome Scalecide controls scale on Aspens and Lilacs. This oil based product smothers overwintering insects. Apply in early April when temperatures are between 40F and 80F degrees.

Florel eliminates the problem of nuisance fruits like crabapples on fruit bearing trees. Florel allows your trees to bloom, but prevents them from producing fruits. Spray when the tree is in full bloom. Will not harm birds or bees.

Use Plant Guard. This lightweight fabric insulates young plants from the cold, holds moisture to improve germination and keeps pests out. Use on frosty nights to protect seedlings. Keep Plant Guard on hand for all those late Spring snow storms.

Use Bark Mulch. Apply bark mulch to the base of all plants. Mulch helps prevent the sprouting of weeds, retains moisture and dresses up your garden beds. This early application will benefit you throughout the growing season.

For all the rose aficionados out there, it's time! April 15 is the target date to begin pruning and removing rose collars. If you are chomping at the bit and just can't wait to get your pruners into something, then this is the perfect time to take stock of your supplies. Are your pruners clean and sharp? Do you have enough Fertilome Rose Food with Systemic Insecticide to get you through the growing season? Should you freshen up the mulch around the rose bushes? It's time!

Mid-April. It's officially the beginning of the gardening season. Hardy plants like pansies, primrose, perennials, trees and shrubs can be safely planted in the garden. However, if we do receive a serious freeze, you should protect any tender new growth with DeWitt row cover. Our gardening experts also recommend using Fertilome Root Stimulator when planting. Don't wait for the May crunch, come in early for ideas and recommendations from our in-house experts.

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